Destiny: A Journey through the Darkness and back to the Light

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It is no secret that I am a gamer. I love any outlet that tells a story, and video games fall under that category. About two years ago I fell under the spell of Bungie’s newest first person shooter, Destiny. This will hopefully put to rest the ever looming question: “Why do you still play Destiny?”

It all started with a decision to upgrade to Playstation 4, I was in love with my Uncharted series and refused to let it go by switching to a next generation console. I hadn’t really seen any new, next gen games that grabbed me so I  thought why switch now? I’ll wait for a price drop and buy it later.

That all changed when I overheard one of the GameStop employees talking about Bungie and it’s new first person shooter. Now I was not an Xbox person so all I knew of Bungie was that theyam made Halo, and they were damn good at making first person shooters. I wasn’t intrigued enough to pay attention completely but the employee did mention that it was going to be one of the biggest 2014 releases on PS4. So with that in mind, I went home and simply googled “Destiny PS4”

This is what I found. 

While it was a Beta Test Build, I was so amazed by it. I was like “This is different, this isn’t like CoD or Halo..They’re actually building something here.”

I was sold. I immediately gathered the funds to pre-order the special edition, white, Playstation 4 Destiny Bundle. Then the agony of waiting for September began.

I’ll skip the review part as this isn’t the point of this post, but I will say that I truly believe that Bungie wanted so much more than what they first released.

What I didn’t know was that buying this game, and getting involved in its universe would be one of the most positive things to happen to me. I’ve mentioned here several times that I have severe depression and anxiety, and I struggle sometimes to find happiness and contentment. This game would allow me to have a little bit of that.

“How on earth can a video game do that?”

It’s quite simple really.

In any part of pop culture, there is a fan base. Now sometimes that fan base can be a little ridiculous and pretty scary to those who aren’t in it.



However for the most part, people in fan bases are quite harmless and really passionate.

All joking aside, I never thought I would find nice people in the gaming world. See I had a really bad experience with CoD (Call of Duty for those who don’t know), people were bullies and all around just nasty people. They would call me names, make fun of my skills, and when they found out I was a girl–they would become even more nasty and egotistical. So I signed off of online gaming, vowing to never give it another shot. Then along comes Bungie. I found myself teetering on the precipice of the online gaming world once again. Should I jump in? Should I just be one of those solo players? I began to realize that I was in control and if someone was terrible I could just report them, ignore them, and block them. I shouldn’t let other people ruin my good time. So I decided to jump headfirst into this community, knowing that no matter where I go there would always be a dick to ruin it, but for that one person there would be ten more to make it better.

I really began to see the impact the community had when I started to watch streamers. Twitch is a service that allows it’s users to broadcast their game play in real time, in turn allowing them to gain viewers and sponsors. ProfessorBroman was the first Destiny streamer I watched, Gothalion, TeaWrex, Charionna, LacedUpLauren, and TheSpazzyProf would soon be added to my follow list. You should totally check out their streams, they’re not only positive members, but damn good Destiny players.


I began to realize that people were finding some of their best friends through Destiny. Sure they were people they only saw maybe once a year, but every night they would meet in the tower and go out on adventures together. That was what I wanted. I wanted a group that I could go out on adventures with, and not have to worry about them criticizing me because I wasn’t “up to par” with them.

Enter The Dames of Destiny.

At first I was shy, I joined and got accepted and all but I didn’t really do much because I was terrified. Then I started to add a few of them to my friends list, I played with some, added others but I didn’t really form a connection with anyone yet. Until my Raiding Group formed.

I won’t mention names, because they know who they are. It started off as me just filling in when needed, or signing up for one of the events they hosted. I just clicked with them, they were patient and easy going–never curt or snobby. We all became close, we shared stories, ranted about our day, and shared more than one laugh or two. This was it. This was what I was searching for. On my bad days, I would sign on and I was guaranteed to laugh and feel better. Something so trivial to some meant the world to me. I have been to some dark places in these past few weeks, I’ve struggled with my demons and all the while (without knowing it) these Dames kept me laughing. Maybe one day I can really tell them how much their companionship means to me, I’ll be able to find the words.

Bungie doesn’t know me, the streamers don’t know me, but I wanted so much to share with you the amazing community that I have become a part of and fond of. On Tuesday, Destiny gives us a new chapter with new things to explore and a new Raid to conquer. My Dames and I will be there. Until then, we await with baited breath and a strong sisterhood that is sure to last for years to come.

MsDeWinter out.