End of a Chapter

I was recently let go from my position as contributor from YattaTachi.com. The circumstances of my release are as follows:

I have been struggling with some personal issues and I did not tell the editor as I thought I should just be a big girl and suck it up. As it turns out I did not cite the sources for two articles that I sent to them, one on Japanese Valentines Day, and one in my #AnimentalHealth series on Edward Elric. This was a stupid, stupid mistake that I should have avoided as I am usually very vigilant with my source citing (I’m a graduated English Major for gods sake!). So on the count of plagiarism, which they take very seriously, I was told that my services would no longer be accepted.

Therefore I will be moving all of my articles that I had sent to them on here. It will be gradual as there were a quite a few, but it’s sort of my retaliation I suppose. Since I’m no longer working for them I can now promote my own blog, I guess some good came out of this but I’m still trying to find it.

I admit to my transgressions and I’m really upset with myself, I should have talked to my editor but that’s over and done with.

On to the next chapter.


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