Humbled and Amazed

Yesterday began as a rough day for me. I decided to go have a genetic test to see if I had the same genes that make me a high risk for cancer. As some of you know, my mother died of ovarian cancer when I was 13, and just a few years after that my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My father has been cancer free after undergoing a long process of surgery and treatment, so he was extremely lucky and I try to remember that every day.

Because of my depression and anxiety, the nervousness that one experiences doing something like this is compounded. I couldn’t help but think of the worse possible outcome, I was terrified the entire time, and I just could not get a handle on myself. It was all I could do to keep my composure and not burst into tears. I just wanted to go home and hide from everything, cry, scream, anything but talk about the fact that I may have the same genetic compound that could give me cancer.

Then, as if the universe was feeling my pain, something amazing happened.

My editor at YattaTachiKaty (AKA Harley Gin), sends me a message saying that Funimation has just tweeted my article, not only that they shared it on their Facebook page!


I was floored. Naturally I was overjoyed, I could not believe that my article was recognized by one of the most popular anime streaming services in the US. It was just the news I needed to get out of this cloud that I was in. Not only was it recognized by Funimation, but a well-known Anime and Manga Vlogger, HappiLeeErin, also shared and tweeted it.

As the title entails, I am humbled and amazed. I want so much to help create a world without the stigma against mental health. I want people to know that this is an illness and it needs to be treated like any other illness. I want people with a mental illness to know that they are loved, that they are important, and that it’s okay to say “I’m hurting and I need help.”

I know that this will be a challenging few weeks but I have my family and friends behind me. I won’t know anything for at least two weeks so there’s nothing left to do but wait.


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